We assist individuals and startup businesses by providing a team augmentation for driving an idea into production. We assist small to large sized enterprises expedite their development process by provided the right resources at an economical cost. Whether you are at the seed stage, expansion stage, or growing into a small business, we can help you innovate, validate, build & scale your products.

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Why choose GritFeat?
Affordable Workforce
Affordable Workforce
We offer a suitable and an economical strategy and workforce based on your project requirements.
Skilled Workforce
Skilled Workforce
We have a diverse workforce with a passion for technology. Certified engineers with over a decade of experience are our backbone.
Standardized Process and Data Security
Standardized Process and Data Security
Data Security remains our top priority. ISO compliant standards help to maintain the perfect working culture.
Quality Deliverables
Quality Deliverables
With continuous research and development, we follow the best practices while designing solutions. We also are updated with the latest tools and technologies in the IT industry.
Growing IT Industry
Growing IT Industry
We have successfully completed projects for a wide range of companies all over the world and from multiple industries.
Local Partners Network
Local Partners Network
We have an extensive network of partners worldwide who are committed to uplifting the IT industry.
Idea to MVP to Scale
We offer Services
Web Appplication Development

Experienced software engineers who can help the business develop highly scalable and responsible web applications. We deliver SaaS based mobile friendly applications with microservices and serverless backend architecture by leveraging modern data technologies under auto scaling infrastructure.

Mobile Application Development

Qualified software engineers who are skilled in Flutter, React Native, Kotlin and Swift can develop cross platform, native Android and iOS based applications.

Cloud Computing

We have Cloud Solution Architects who can help customers across the globe execute and manage on-demand computer system resources on the AWS and GCP cloud. We help you with a wide range of cloud services like Container based Cloud Deployments, Regular Snapshots, Cloud Monitoring, Failover Management, Load Balancing.

Application and Software Re-engineering

We take over redesign or further development of your product version or MVP. We start with code and architecture audits and proceed with product improvement and evolution.


We advise the companies on how to best use technology for their digital transformation and meet the business objectives. We help with project scoping, business process design and project management support. Be it an individual or startup business with innovative ideas, we can assist with team augmentation for driving the idea into production.

Business process transformation

We take over redesign or further development of your product version or MVP. We start with code and architecture audits and proceed with product improvement and evolution.

Talent Nurturing & Pool Informations
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Competitive Salary
  • Retirement plan & gratuity
  • Mental Health Sessions
Technical Skills
  • Full time 1 year training
  • Certification on domain technologies & tools courses
  • Monthly InfoSec
  • ISMS/ISO 27001:2013 compliance training
  • Leadership Training
  • Monthly team events
  • Quarterly OKR driven professional growth & performance management
  • Recognition and appreciation
Soft Skills
  • Communication trainings
  • Project Management Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Tech Evenets & Conferences
  • Public Speaking
  • Weekly Knowledge Sharing Sessions
Tools & Technologies
Interested to work with us
We analyze your target market, prioritize core features, and find problems it seeks to solve
Build a new product

We assist and deliver your product from idea to MVP to scale

Build new network

We build dedicated teams to work directly at scale using the tools and methods you know and love

Augment Existing Team

We provide talented and skilled people who can work directly with your existing team using your existing tools and methods

We help you to accelerate your organization to reach your goal.