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We are an emerging tech startup company with expertise in data analytics and enterprise applications development. We deliver user-oriented design, top-level development and scalable technology to bring your idea to life.

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GritFeat Solutions helps businesses scale with innovative technology solutions. We are committed to a world-class culture of building teams and developing business applications.

Our mission is to lead the innovative technology products and services to help the small to large sized businesses scale and contribute to socio economic growth.


Started from home office with 4 team members


Officially launched with a brand new office space and expanded team members


Partnered with GritFeat Japan in Japan.


  • Launched GritFeat Fellowship
  • GritFeat Labs for Innovation
  • Sponsored & Associated with different Tech events
  • Our Working Culture
    Our vision is to become a leading data and intelligence driven tech solutions and services provider in the global market
    Here are the core values our members share
    Driven by power of passion, perseverance and unceasing learning
    Attitude is Everything, your attitude is your window to the world
    Relationships based on trust
    Help others grow with knowledge sharing and mentorship
    Grooming leadership skills in all individuals
    Find the right balance between company’s objectives, people operations and clients’ satisfaction
    Retain high professional standards(ethics, confidentiality, integrity)
    Message from our leader

    It’s an exciting time for GritFeat Solutions. We have been progressive and are continuously transforming and adapting the way we operate to be able to innovate. As we continue to grow, we strive to remain as motivated and responsive to all of our members, as we are to our clients.

    We are extremely grateful to our charming, diligent and ambitious colleagues, who have significantly contributed in building a sustainable business model. We feel more empowered than ever with an astounding team, better client network, recognition and unique work culture. We are very proud of how far we have come, how we grew from few to many, and we are eager to thrive at an even larger scale. We have a vision of growing our GritFeat Family with diversified individuals with a cross border expansion strategy.

    We are also delighted that our combined effort is partly driving the growth of the tech industry in our homeland. We envisage our homeland being one of the leading tech hubs of Asia, as other tech leaders in the market do. We are ecstatic to have everyone associated with GritFeat along on this challenging, yet exciting journey.

    Sujen Maharjan
    Founder & CEO
    Certified In
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