Data Analytics

We empower businesses and their top managers with an eye-catching detailed visualization that provides meaningful insights about the company's operation data.

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Why choose GritFeat?
Uniform data across various data stores
Data is authentic, reliable and error-free
Data is sufficient for answering your business questions
Data is accessible and it is possible to trace the introduced changes
Data represents reality within a reasonable period of time or in accordance with the corporate standards
A data record with specific details appears only once in database, no duplicates are reported
Data to Insight to Action
We offer Services
Analytics as a service
Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offers a fully customized data analytics platform for in-cloud data analysis on a subscription fee basis
Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) services help enable structured data-driven decision-making across the company. GritFeat integrates multi-source data and applies analytics techniques to automatically extract insights from the input records.
Data Visualization
Data visualization consulting helps reveal critical data to business users via intuitive visuals. GritFeat enables data visualization for customers to spot trends, track business goal achievements, compare the performance of various categories, products, brands, etc.
Data Management
Data management services help aggregate fragmented data and apply data analytics techniques to solve the required business tasks. In individually tailored programs, GritFeat covers all data management functions and achieves value-driven data usage.
Data Analytics modernization & implementation
Data Analytics modernizing helps implement newest tools such as next generation cloud-enabled platforms and big data architectures to enable analytics and AI-powered organizations to perform better analysis, and deliver actionable insights.
Managed Data Analysis
Managed data analysis services allow businesses to get their data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution
How Data Engineering and analytics can help executives with strategic decisions?
Please read our success story in providing data analytics solution to one of the leading companies
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